A big email marketing no-no!

Agreeing to receive email marketing should never be required as eligibility to enter a contest.

Amazingly in the past week, various companies tried doing this to me when I was at a business tradeshow. 

As a way of collecting information on everyone who visited their booth, most of the exhibitors had a drawing.  Of course I wanted to enter all the good drawings, but I did not want everyone to email market me.  Contest and lottery laws support that the entering a contest should not be contingent on the entrant receiving email marketing. 

So, at every booth that had a drawing I wanted to enter, I asked if they would be adding me to their email marketing list.  Every single one of them said yes they would be.  None of them had any disclaimer that by providing my email I would be added to their email marketing list, nor did they have a check box for me to indicate that I did not want to receive email marketing. (See my previous blog on this). 

How inconsiderate and what terrible customer service!  Here is why I say that – do the math… So, if you go to a tradeshow or expo and submit 40 cards into drawings and are added to all their email marketing databases, you will have to take 1-2 minutes to unsubscribe to each of them.  Now, for all of us, time is money.  So, I view this as robbing me of an hour of my time that I could be using to make money.

At all the booths I politely told the person I did not want to be added to their email marketing list.  I struck a line through my email and wrote on my card, “No email marketing”.  At one of the booths, the man actually said, “Well, I guess you won’t be winning the contest!”  WOW – did he really say that?  Yes, he did!  If I could remember the booth it was at, I’d try getting in touch with his supervisor.  Imagine the horror if your marketing person of your company said this to a potential customer!

Please be considerate of other people’s time.  You’ll do more damage than good by participating in this bad marketing practice of spamming people.  Permission based email means you have received the individual’s permission to receive your email marketing.  Entering a drawing does NOT grant permission!

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