A Powerful Sales Technique

Recently our company was awarded a job in which we were up against several other companies.  One of the key reasons we received the job was our exceptional follow up.

One of the most powerful sales techniques is follow up.  Having exceptional customer service and follow up is imperative to getting the sale. 

  • Provide proposals with a deadline and meet the deadline
  • Under promise and over deliver with your deadlines
  • Follow up when you say you will
  • Continue to follow up until you have an answer

Your company could be the most qualified, or have the best product or service, but if exceptional customer service and follow up are absent you could be losing thousands of dollars.


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#1 scott Perry on 3.09.2010 at 10:18 PM

Nice work having a presence on yourhub.com. Would not have known you were around if not for your story Beth.



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