Are you leaving sales on the table that someone else is getting?

Are your proposals ending up in prospective clients' spam or junk mail?  Are inquiries ending up in your spam or junk mail?  Unfortunately, this happens to many people.

Recently, a business owner was telling me how they emailed a proposal to a prospective client they were sure they'd land.  A couple days later they did a follow up email, but still had not heard back from the prospective client.  I asked - "Did you call them?"  The answer was "No".  Unfortunately, the emails were going into the recipient's spam or junk mail.  When the business owner called the prospective client, sure enough there was the proposal and emails in their junk mail box.

Other times, the reverse could be happening.  Someone may make a legitimate email inquiry about your products or services and it goes into your junk mail.

Another example is a business owner I know was expecting an RFP to be emailed to her.  It never came through.  Turns out the email address was grey listed.  This business owner was on top of it.  She called the prospective client and was able to figure this out in time to make the RFP deadline.

Following up with a phone call after a proposal is sent will help to ensure exceptional customer service to a prospective client.  Whenever sending or expecting something via email that is of high importance, follow up by phone to make sure it does not get lost.

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