Beth Boen to speak at Revenue North Business Growth Summit

With nearly 130 corporate and community partners involved, you've probably heard the buzz around town about the upcoming Revenue North Business Growth Summit. Did you also hear that Revenue North is a division of Glazier Clinics, a Colorado based business with 30 years' experience in hosting world-class training conferences at an affordable price?

Conference sessions are provided by over 50 of the top Colorado speakers, trainers, and business executives teaching on Sales, Marketing, Customer Retention, Access to Capital and more. Attend for the unbelievably low price of $99 for one person or bring a group of five for $299—that is less than $60 per person!

Speakers are there to train — not sell you a product or service. To further demonstrate our commitment to providing you with the best training possible, we offer a no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee!!

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Beth Boen will be presenting:

A Sure Fire Way to Acquire & Retain Customers: Convert Inquiries & Retain Your Clientele

Synopsis: In today’s economy, having a competitive edge is more important than ever. But so many business owners overlook the obvious – that is the art of providing exceptional customer service. It should start from the time a prospect is an inquiry and continue through the life cycle of the customer.
Why is exceptional customer service so important and what are the quantitative effects of companies who do provide exceptional customer service? How can I ensure my company is providing exceptional customer service?

What You’ll Learn in This Seminar

In this seminar, Beth Boen, founder of The VOICE Customer Service Training, will share:

•  Quantitative effects of companies who provide exceptional customer service.
•  Basic and exceptional customer service techniques that will gain new sales and retain existing clients.
•  Real-life stories of businesses that provided exceptional and poor customer service, and lessons we can learn from them.
•  Red flags to look for in your own organization.

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