Beware of telemarketing laws and scams

Today, I received a call from a local 720-708-6457 phone number.  The caller ID said TCE Marketing.

It was a voice recorded telemarketing sales call for a carpet cleaner.  However the name of the carpet cleaning company was never revealed.

My home phone number is on the federal and state do-not-call lists, thus I should not be receiving telemarketing calls.  But, I do get them from time to time.

Today’s call was especially frustrating.  I listened to the entire voice recorded sales message, pressed 1 to speak with an agent.  When I pressed 1, I received another message that said, “I’m sorry all agents are assisting other people.  Please press 1 to leave a message.”  So, I pressed 1 and left them a lecture on how they are breaking the law.  I asked them to call me back to confirm they are putting me on their do-not-call list, and I am sure that will never happen.  This type of telemarketing will never work.

Business to consumer (B2C) telemarketing laws are very strict.  If your company is going to engage an independent contractor to make telemarketing calls for you, do not be misled.  As the business owner, it is still your responsibility to make sure do not call laws are being followed.  It does not matter if you are using an independent telemarketing firm – you are still liable is laws are broken.  These telemarketing companies may tell you otherwise, but that is simply not true.

One final note, I Googled “TCE Marketing” and it looks like there are lots of complaints about them.  Beware of this company.

If you would like more information on telemarketing laws, please contact us.

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