Branding that hurts and hinders your business growth

As a marketing consultant I realize the importance of good branding.  I also know that even if you decide to spend tons on money on a new brand, that in itself will not grow your business.  But, what if you have a brand that hurts or hinders your business growth?

A company name, logo, tagline and brand messaging can prevent prospective customers from calling you.  I recently heard of a company name called “Creative Window Cleaning”.  I immediately thought, “I don’t want someone to creatively clean my windows.  I want someone to be safe and someone to do a good job.”  I could care less if they were creative with how they cleaned my windows.  Then my mind started wandering – what if I was in charge of hiring a window cleaning company for a 30 story office building downtown.  Would I want creative window washing people hanging from scaffolding?  Images of crazy window washers slushing up soap on the windows in an artistic/creative manner went through my head.   I don’t know anything about this company, so I am not saying anything bad about them, but the thoughts that their name conjured up in my head were negative thoughts that would prevent me from ever calling them.

Branding is more than a name.  Your name should mean something to your target market – not necessarily you.  When you think of a name for your company, ask yourself, does it make sense to my target market?  A fun little quiz – comment on this if you like…what product or service do you think these company names provide to their customers?

  • Proflex Solutions
  • Useful Knowledge

The name is just one part of your brand.  In future articles we will cover the other aspects of branding.  

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