Can anyone afford to blow off a referral?

I am sure we all have, from time to time, misplaced a slip of paper that we had written down a message from a referral partner. If you are in a leads group, maybe the lead slip fell out of your folder. But, what if you received leads from a regular referral source? Would you forget to call that person back who had a couple of hot leads for you? We are all thinking, “I’d never forget.” Well perhaps some business owners do get so busy that they honestly do forget.

But, here is the message it sends to their referral partner – “I don’t need your referrals and I am too busy to thank you for thinking of me.” Or something like that.

This is a true story. A referral partner who was giving this business owner several referrals a year for a high ticket service, called the business owner and left a message. The message stated how they had a couple of leads. The referral partner never received a phone call back from the business owner. When I heard this story, I thought of how this is like providing a customer with bad customer service. That referral partner is a customer.  Most likely that business owner will not receive future referrals from the other party ever again.

There may be reasons why that business owner did not want their referral – they should let them know. Perhaps the referral partner is sending the wrong type of referral. Wouldn’t it be nice to communicate that with them so they can send the right kind of referrals? Perhaps the business owner is really too busy. If that is the case, the business owner should have told the referral partner and let them know that just because they are not accepting leads now, they would still want to be considered in case things change. What happens when you do need those referral leads again?

Referral etiquette rules:

  1. Always thank someone for the referral – call them back, send a handwritten thank you card or email them. Acknowledge the referral.
  2. Communicate – always communicate to potential referral partners who your ideal client or customer is. If you are being sent the wrong types of referrals, communicate that as well. The referral partner simply may not understand who you are looking for, but they are thinking about you, so help them out by communicating.
  3. Follow up in 24 hours – when you receive a referral, it is hot now, not a week from now when the person who was expecting your call forgets about you.

For more information on how to find referral partners and foster good relationships, contact us. Our business has been built on referral marketing and exceptional customer service.

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