Dangers of taking on the wrong types clients

Who are the "wrong" clients?  In a recent blog post I wrote about identifying not only who your ideal clients are, but what are the warning signals of clients who may not be the best clients for your business.  Many business owners call these "wrong" clients a variety of names, some of which are fairly comical.

Over the years we have developed list of characteristics of our ideal clients and a list of warning signals to recognize for the clients who are not so ideal.  We recommend you do the same and stay true to your list.

So, what are the dangers of ignoring those warning signals?  These not so ideal clients can wreak havoc on your business and personal life.  Here are some possible outcomes:

  • You become stressed out, lose sleep and your quality of life suffers.
  • Because some of these not so ideal clients suck all the energy out of you, you become unfocused and then you are not at the top of your game with other client work.
  • The time demands of these clients cause them to be not very profitable (some business owners who recognize these clients up front have told me they charge a "high maintenance" or "PITA" fee).  Let me tell you, no amount of money is worth it, if you sense this is going to be the case.
  • Instead of having the success stories you would have with your ideal clients, you end up having a not so successful relationship with the not so ideal client.
  • Your own business suffers, as you are so focused on these not so ideal client demands.  You cannot work on growing your own business and finding the ideal clients you do want.

If you need assistance in tuning into who your ideal and not so ideal clients are, feel free to give us a call.  We can share our list with you, which may provide some insight to you for your own list.  If you have dealt with some of these not so ideal clients and want to share some of the characteristics you have come to recognize as warning signals, please feel free to share and post your comment.

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