Does anyone care about the loyal customer?

Recently my husband and I decided to make a change in our phone, TV and internet providers at our home.  We had been loyal customers for over six years.  During this time, we were never contacted, never offered any better deals (like the ones they advertise to new customers), never offered any free upgrades, etc.

To boot, we had problems with unreliable internet service and the TV service was not the greatest either.

So, we made the change.  My husband called all the providers and then they offered us deals to stay.  Several weeks later we get a refund check in the mail from one of the providers stating, "Thank you for choosing . . .  We enjoyed serving you.  We will continue to add exciting new programming and services in the future which will interest you.  We would be pleased to welcome you back as a customer, any time.  Please call us at . . . . to hear about our current promotion when you are ready to restart your . . . service."

Well, this is a little too late wouldn't you say?  Additionally, the message is so "salesy".  How insincere.

If you have loyal customers, check in with them at least once a year to thank them, see how their service is, how they are enjoying your products, and/or to offer them a free upgrade gift for being a loyal customer.  Make sure you and your staff are providing the best customer service possible.  There are many retention strategies you can use to reduce turnover of customers and lower acquisitons costs for acquiring new customers.  To learn more on how you can reduce customer turnover, call us for a free phone consultation.  If you have a great retention idea, please feel free to share it.

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