Does it hurt bad enough?

Often, we get calls from prospects who are inquiring about how to grow their business. They are at a pain point, but just cannot seem to commit to doing what it takes to make their business grow. Some people may say that means that I am not a good closer. But, I would argue to the contrary.

I would say their pain is not strong enough.  Unfortunately, if they are a procrastinator and wait until the pain hurts bad enough to get help, it is often too late.  The symptoms appeared months ago, but now the illness of declining business has taken a hard toll.

At what point does one get serious about seeking quality assistance? Do not wait until it is too late. Marketing takes time and if you wait until your leads have dried up or are a slow dribble, you’ve waited too long.

The best time to market is when you are busy - when you think you don’t need to market. Don’t be a victim of the ebb and flow cyclical nature of business. Always have growth goals – manageable growth goals, and have a marketing plan in place to accomplish those goals.

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