Don't do this and if a sales coach tells you to do so - don't!

Recently, I have heard some horrific stories on agressive sales techniques.  Please don't try these - you'll just offend prospective customers.

This story comes from the owner of Gift Basket Junction in Golden (a great company who makes custom gift baskets out of anything you can imagine):

"I got a call yesterday after 5 pm and was seriously offended by the solicitor's lack of introduction and his 'better than you are' attitude.

When I answered the phone, he asked for the business owner. When I told him he was speaking to her, he immediately went into the reason for his call. The reason for my call: 'Do you know when I type in 'gift shop' in Google, your business doesn't pop up?' No introduction, no name, no relationship building.

Really?, I'm thinking. No kidding, jerk. It's because I didn't use 'gift shop' in my SEO. But thanks for the free advice.

He was trying to cut me off in my conversation on points I was trying to make, and didn't really want to hear what I had to say. He just wanted to tell me how he was going help me.

This call was less than 30 seconds, as I didn't feel I needed to defend myself to someone I didn't even have the name of.

There is a truly insulting band of characters out there that need to learn the art of marketing (their business)."

Other recent sales horror stories I have heard include how agressive the heathclub/fitness industry is.  The receptionist won't even provide information to you when you walk in.  You have to wait to talk to a consultant.  You are given a clipboard to filll out information and waivers, and then given a sales pitch and tour of the facility.  All the while not able to ask the questions you want to ask.  Many people are offended and never sign up. 

And need we mention the spammer salespeople.  How insulting their sales messages can be and they are obviously clueless about the business they are spamming.

If you have a sales horror story that you would like to share, please add your comment.

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