Don’t go off your diet!

Sometimes when business gets busy, solo entrepreneurs and micro-business owners go off their well-balanced marketing diet.  This is a critical error and can cause disaster.  Marketing is required whether business is going good or bad.

Marketing your business may be in the form of internet marketing, networking, building referral relationships, advertising, social media and blogging, leads groups, participation in tradeshows and other public relations activities.  Whatever your recipe is – the marketing strategies and tactics you have determined to be effective in marketing your business, you must not slow down just because business gets busy and you think, “I don’t have time to market”.

You still need a well-balanced diet of marketing even when you are busy.  If your marketing becomes malnourished, the effects may not be recognizable for a few months, when all of a sudden business slows down or worse yet comes to a screeching halt.

When this happens, we experience those volatile peaks and valleys in our revenue. 

So, what can you do when you get so busy, you do not have time to market?  Ask for help.  Evaluate where you could get some assistance that would produce more time for you to do what is required.

Simply remember - never let up on your effective marketing startegies and tactics.  Find a way to continue.  If you have a tip to share on making the time to market, we welcome your comments. 

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