Don't want to be found?

A pet peeve of mine is when I go to mail something to a business and they do not have their address on their business card.  I go to their website and there is no address there either. Often times when I want to send something more meaningful than an email, I'll send a hand-written thank you card to a business, but frequently find it difficult to find a mailing address.

Recently I wanted to mail some small gifts (tokens of my appreciation) to people who had visited my booth at a tradeshow.  Probably 50% of the cards had no mailing address on them.  Of those 50% only one of them had their address on their website.

Business addresses are also good for claiming your business listings with various online directories and the search engines, which can help drive traffic to your website.  If you have a business address and want to be found, claim your business listing.  

If you home office, virtual office spaces offer mailing addresses, as do UPS Stores and the like.  Post office boxes are the least desireable, as you cannot use those to claim your online business listing.

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