Effective marketing tip for Business to Business companies

Marketing business to business (B2B) requires good networking and belonging to a quality B2B leads group.  Unfortunately, not many quality B2B groups exist in Denver.  I know, because I have checked many of them out.

What makes a strong B2B leads group?

1. 15+ quality B2B non-competing companies.

2. Has a schedule for meetings that is conducive to a B2B owner or sales rep.

3. Attendees have regular attendance – if you’re not there, you’re forgotten about and/or you forget about others.

4. Has a professional venue to meet in – one with good AV for presentations.  Has a convenient location for meeting.

5. Is welcoming to new guests.

6. Has power partners (referral partners) in industries that are a match for your business.

7. Passes quality leads and does not pressure quantity of leads, thus providing a good return on investment (ROI) for your time and money.

8. Encourages and suggests other quality networking B2B events as a group activity.

9. Has a low turnover of members and excellent leadership to mentor new members.

10. Encourages a prospective member to check the group out thoroughly by doing one-on-ones with power partners before deciding to submit an application.  And, at the same time is selective about accepting new members making sure quality networkers are brought into the group.

Where do you find such a group?  In my search over the years, I have found these hard to find.  One in Cherry Creek does exist - it is the Cherry Creek B2B Business Leads of America Chapter.

It fits my busy schedule as a business owner, only meeting twice a month.  So, it makes it very easy to attend all the meetings.   It is not a BNI, LeTip or Chamber of Commerce group.  It is a smaller organization that just happens to get the power of good networking.  There is not an application fee or high annual fees.  Often times a B2B leads group will charge significantly more than a group that has a mix of B2C and B2B companies.

This group has mini groups of power partners for the marketing, technology and HR industries.  Members that would highly benefit visiting the groups are:

  • Commercial Mover
  • Videographer
  • Business Banker
  • Commercial Architect
  • Office Furniture
  • Event Planner
  • Business Attorney
  • Business and P & C Insurance
  • Commercial Photographer
  • Payroll Processor/PEO
  • Technology Supplier/IP Phone Systems
  • Business Coach
  • PR Firm

If you would like more information, please contact us, or contact the group president or vice president.

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