Getting sales with good follow up

Having good follow up is important in getting sales and building rapport.  I am sure at one time or another we have all dropped the ball in following up on something and if we had, it could have resulted in a sale.  In fact, a couple months ago, I was to follow up with someone I had a one-on-one networking meeting with.  I was to provide her with some additional information so that she would be well equipped to make introductions to my target market for my services.  Well, I was so busy at the time, I dropped the ball.

I think that happens with many solo entrepreneurs and small business owners who are their own sales representative.  But, here is how I believe our lack of follow up comes across - and what a lesson for me.

Another woman who I recently met, wanted to get together to have a one-on-one networking meeting.  I was very receptive and happy to do so.  She took my card and said she would follow up with me.  It has been about a month later and she has still not reached out to me.  Yesterday, I got a call from someone needing her services.  But, I immediately thought that if her follow up was so  bad in getting back to me, she would also have poor follow up with her customers. 

What a lesson - our lack of follow up can cost us sales. 

One more thing on follow up.  Early on in my career, I had a sales job.  When making sales calls, I would get the "Can you call me back later?".  I was young and naive and believed that everyone who said to call them back later really wanted me to, so I did.  I was the best salesperson in the company. 

Follow up is such an important part of sales.  When someone says they are interested, take them seriously.  If they have asked for more information or say they would welcome your call, follow up.  Be positive and believe that everyone who says they are interested, really is.

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