Hello...Is that how you answer your phone?

Yes - believe it or not, some people answer their business line with "Hello" and that is it!  Marketing yourself or marketing your business is about creating good first impressions. 

I recently called a business and was met with this short greeting.  This has happened to me with a few different businesses in the last couple of months. I will tell you in all three cases, it created a bad first impression and I did not do business with them.  I thought what an unprofessional way to answer your business phone.  It sounds short and gives the impression you are too busy to answer the phone, but you know you should, because after all it could be new business.

Here are some tips on how to answer your business line (or cell phone if used for business) to create a good first impression:

1.  Greet the person in a friendly tone and identify yourself and/or your company.
"Good morning, CreativeXchange, this is Beth."
"Good morning, this is Beth Boen."

2.  Ask them how you can help them.
"How may I assist you today?"
"How may I help you."
"I am happy to assist you today."

Pause and wait for their response.

Other ways to make a positive first impression on the phone:

1.  Listen and ask questions.
2.  Clarify your understanding by restating what it is you think the person is requesting.
3.  End the call with letting the customer or prospect know what the next logical steps are.

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