Is Collaboration that Important? Part 1

Recently I have been hearing of more horror stories about how people are not satisfied with their vendors.  Work was not performed to their expectations, misunderstandings and errors occured throughout the project and complete aspects of the project were not delivered. 

Just last week, a new client came to us to design and develop a website.  They were not happy with the site they paid another web company to produce.  They were not asked to provide much input on the project and when it was delivered, it did not meet their expectations.  Additionally, things that were promised in the contract were never implemented, yet the full price of the website had been charged.  The vendor asked very few questions about the needs of the client and only produced a website that was most profitable to them, not the client.  Teamwork and collaboration were obviously missing on this project. 

How can this be avoided?

Requiring teamwork and collaboration from vendors will sniff out companies who are not reputable.

Interview your vendors thoroughly.  Ask them for the process they use to implement the project.  Find out what check points are in place to make sure the work is on target.

Working in collaboration is a requirement for a successful relationship and client satisfaction.  Being collaborative avoids misunderstandings and surprises are eliminated.  Not only is it important for vendors to be collaborative, but it is equally as important to work with collaborative clients - a subject we will discuss in our next blog.


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