Just because you know me does not mean I subscribed

Just because you know me or have my business card does not mean you have my permission to subscribe to your email newsletter.

It has happened again!  I was added on someone’s email subscription list today and I NEVER subscribed!

Now, I know this person and they have a reputable company, so I am not going to report them as a spammer, but I am not everyone.  Others who received this spam today may end up reporting her company.  She could get black listed.  Not only that, but she could end up irritating someone so that they never become a client or referral source for her.

Now, if you are in a consultant role, you should know the anti-spam laws.  Having someone’s business card and/or knowing them does NOT constitute permission to add them to your email marketing list.  Take a simple Constant Contact class and you will learn that.  So, why do people still ignore the laws on this?  Do certain people think they don’t have to obey the laws?  Well, if they know the law and break the law, they probably don’t have integrity in other areas of their business.  To this person’s defense, I think she has great integrity, but I also know her very well.  Someone who does not know her as well as I do, may view this breaking of the anti-spam laws as a lack of integrity and thus never do business with her or refer business to her.

Everything we do reflects upon us.  I had one person email me once that she did not agree with my opinion on this matter.  I informed her, this is not an opinion, but a law.  A law that needs to be followed just like any other law.

I have to say, I think email marketing can be good, but only if done right!  Part of doing it right means knowing and obeying the law! 

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#1 Dawn Bjork Buzbee on 8.07.2012 at 1:31 PM

Non-permission based marketing happens to me all of the time and seems very common for anyone attending networking and association meetings. I have been added to countless lists I did not subscribe to. Often it is by a friend, and so, I won't report them. But I have also been spammed from many unknown fellow members of a large association. In this case, I do report them to the association as it violates the use of our membership information. This is not a way to grow your list! Thanks for reminding business owners about the law (not opinion).

#2 The Admin on 8.07.2012 at 2:47 PM

Thanks Dawn for your comment. I could not agree more. These spammers do not realize that it takes time to unsubscribe. It may seem harmless to them, but it crowds up our mailboxes and important emails get sandwiched in the middle.


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