Tips to Marketing in a Recession - Part 4

Tip #4: Networking events can be an effective way to market, but choose them wisely.  There are many networking events in Denver from which to choose.  The first step to making networking work for your business is to evaulate the following:

  • Who will be in attendance - will your potential referral partners and target market be likely to attend the same event?  Call or email the coordinator of the event to find out what types of businesses are expected to attend.  Also, find out the expected number to attend the event.
  • Consider the location and venue.  Some events are held in noisey and/or small venues.  You want to attend an event that will make it easy to network.  There's nothing worse than having to shout to hear one another.
  • What is the cost of the event?  Especially in a recession, marketing dollars need to be spent wisely (tip #1).  Find out the cost and the potential benefits. 

Some great resources to find networking events in Denver include:

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