Networking Follow Up Procedure

In our last blog we talked about how to evaluate networking events.  Attending these events won't produce instant results normally, it is just the start.  What you do after the networking event is what will have the pay off.

When you meet a potential referral partner or client at a networking event, it is important to follow up within 24 business hoursRequest a one-on-one meeting to get better acquainted.  At this meeting you will want to focus on the other person, asking questions about them, their business, etc.  If the person you are meeting with is a potential referral partner, discussing how you both can be a mutual resource to one another is good to talk about.

After the meeting you will want to continue to follow up.  Anything you spoke about at the meeting that is a follow up item should be sent right after the meeting.  Send a hand written thank you note for the meeting. 

Make a follow up plan to stay in touch with those you meet.  You may want to consider having an official follow up protocol for both potential clients, as well as potential referral partners.

If you have suggested tips on building relationships with those you meet at networking events, please feel free to leave a comment.

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