Networking – It is all about me – or is it?

It floors me when I am networking and the person I am talking with never asks a single question about my business.

Worse yet is when you are doing a one-on-one networking meeting with a potential referral partner and they never ask about your business.  The entire conversation is about them.  Recently, I had a one-on-one meeting with a company that I could potentially refer a lot of business to.  However, at no time did this person ever ask anything about our website design company.  When we were done talking about his business (approximately 30 minutes later), I naturally expected to be asked some questions about my business.  Nope – not the case.  So, do I have any confidence that this could be a mutually beneficial and reciprocal referral relationship?  None!

Even though they may be a fully competent business, I most likely will not provide a referral to them based on this poor first impression of the one-on-one meeting being all about them.  I will most likely continue to look for another company with the area of specialty I was seeking.

Remember, when you meet someone for the first time networking or have that first one-on-one meeting, be polite and ask questions about the other person, their business and interests.  In networking it is better to give than receive.  For more information on our networking consulting services, please contact us.

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#1 CHI Straightener on 10.17.2012 at 5:37 AM

Nice interesting article! thanks fot the post!


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