Networking No-No’s (Part 2)

At a recent networking event, I met a business owner who had an interesting and useful service.  She had great ideas on how to market it.  I was listening and was interested.  Towards the end of the conversation, she asked me my opinion on a new marketing idea.  I thought it was a great idea and encouraged her to email me more information on it as I may know some people who may be interested in her service.  She seemed excited to hear that and asked me for my business card.  I gladly gave it to her, fully expecting to see an email from her the next day.

Well, the email with her information never came.  I waited and waited, still expecting it.  I thought maybe I would contact her.  But, then I decided that if she did not have good customer service follow up with someone who actually expressed interest in her service, then that would probably be indicative of her customer service in general.

I have never heard from her and it is three weeks after that networking event.  What a lost opportunity for her business. 

If someone expresses interest in your company’s product or service and has agreed to have you follow up with them – DON’T blow them off.  DO your follow up.

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