Networking No-No’s (Part 3)

I have been meaning to meet another company that provides the same marketing services as CreativeXchange Marketing.  I had heard that this company has a great reputation and they have won numerous awards.  I am always looking for “competitors” who do as top-quality of work as we do and who provide the same exceptional customer service as CreativeXchange Marketing.  I like to know these companies so that I have a resource to send prospective clients we cannot take on, to a top-quality company.

At a recent networking event I had a great conversation with one of the employees of that company and we agreed it would be beneficial to set up a one-on-one meeting.

The meeting was set.  It was a great meeting.  I left 100% assured that I could refer the clients we could not serve over to them. I don’t know if he did not believe that I had clients I could send to him, but I do.  I was not there to get his referrals, but I was truly looking for someone I could refer to when a prospective client is not a good fit for us.

I left the meeting having a good feeling about this company.  Again, they have a great reputation.  I wrote my usual hand-written thank you for meeting card.  Then this week, I made an email introduction for this company to another company who could be a great resource and referral partner.  Still – crickets!  I can understand not getting a reciprocal thank you for the meeting, although I had expected at least an email thank you.  But, I cannot understand why I did not get a thank you for the introduction I made.  I have heard absolutely nothing from this company since the day I met with them. 
Additionally, at the meeting he told me he had two referrals for me and that he would email me those.  I have never received those referrals from him.

So, given all this, I now think that maybe this is not a company I would refer others to.  After all, I am a stickler for exceptional customer service.  And, broken promises, not following up or saying thank you does not meet the definition of even good customer service.  Maybe this company has gotten so big that they don’t need my referrals, although I cannot imagine any company would turn down an opportunity for qualified referrals, especially in this economy.  If they are so busy they don’t need referrals, then maybe they cannot deliver exceptional customer service anymore.  I don’t know…I am just here scratching my head wondering why my referrals are not good enough for this company.

If you ever are in a position to interview a marketing firm for assistance with any of your marketing needs, be sure to pay attention to the negative customer service signs.  A wise person once told me, when someone in an interview does something negative, multiple that by 1,000. 

If you have had bad customer service or poor quality work from a marketing services provider, please contact us.  We provide a complimentary consultation to get businesses on the right track to success. Contact us today to see if  you are eligible for a free consultation.

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