Positive Results through Successful Client Relationships

Postiive results come from good client relations.  Good client relations are a result of each party having a thorough understanding of the product/services to be provided and each party knowing they are working with the right person.  For you to know if you will be working with the right client, you first need to identifty who that is, what are the characteristics that make up that client.

How to Identify your ideal client:  Figure out the characteristics that make working with a client a pleasure and a success for both you and the client.  If you are having a difficult time identifying those characteristics, think about clients you have worked with where the outcome was successful and analyze why it was successful.  Conversely, look at the clients you may have worked with that did not have the most positive outcome and why that was the case. 

Some positive characteristics that may identify a successful relationship for both parties are:

  • A mutual respect for each others schedule.
  • Good communication from the start.  Questions are answered directly and clearly.
  • A demonstration of good customer service to each other - returning phone calls and emails same business day, but never later than the next business day.
  • Sharing of expertise with each other.  A client who wants to be educated is a great client.  Likewise, as the product/service provider, you should be open to learning as much from your client to provide them with the right solutions.
  • A desire to be collaborative.  Working together as a team will greatly improve results and your client relationship.

Some characteristics that may identify an unsuccessful realtionship for both parties are:

  • Client clearly indicates, they do not have the money to pay.  Economic times are tough, but everyone needs to be paid and fairly compensated.  Thus, the product/service provider could make paying easy by accepting credit cards and offering reasonable payment plans.
  • Nothing is planned.  Every request made is urgent. This could be a sign of poor planning and disorganization.

Three other considerations to be made when identifying your ideal client:

  • Gut feel. Your intuition or gut feeling is a good indicator.  Don't ignore it.  
  • Industries to avoid, or industries you enoy and/or in which you have experience should also be considered in identifying an ideal client.
  • Do you have the expertise to deliver the results?
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