"I Am Not Everyone"

Often times when I am working with a client they will discount an idea because they think they would not like being sold to or marketed that way.   I hear various phrases like these:

"Well, I would not like that."

"I would not respond well to that." 

"I don't read direct mail."

"I don't surf the web to buy products."

When we think this way - we are only thinking about one type of person - ourselves.  And, our mind might think completely different from our target market's minds.  So, one of my favorite rules in marketing is, "I am not everyone."

Learn to think like your target market when deciding on marketing tactics to use or not use.  Make sure you have a clear picture of who your target is.  For more information on determining the psychographic of your target market, along with geogrpahic and demographic, please feel free to contact us.

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