Simple customer service tips to help you market

These may seem small, but you would be surprised how impactful these simple customer service tips are:

  1. When advertising an event, always put the day of the week with the date.  This is a great service to your customers.  Instead of saying October 7, say Thursday, October 7.  This does two things - a) it allows for accuracy and b) is makes it easy on your customers to know if they are available on that day.  I don't know about you, but there are certain days, I cannot go to events.  So, if someone puts the date with no day, I have to look at my calendar to see if I am available.
  2. Even if you know the person has your business card, always leave your phone number when leaving a message.  And, say it slowly.  If you are a fast talker, say it twice.  If you are leaving a message from your cell phone, you never know when the signal may be poor.  I suggest leaving your number twice.  I have had people leave me a message and say their number so fast, I could not decipher it.  I have also had people leave messages from their cell phones and they happened to be driving through a poor cell coverage area and I could not make out the message.
  3. As equally as important is to have a signature line on your emails that contains your phone number.  Recenty, I had an appointment with a new contact who wanted to tell me about their business.  I did not have their phone number, only their email.  Their email signature had no phone number either.  It was very frustrating when I needed to cancel the appointment due to an emergency.

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