So-called experts make me want to puke – wasting small business’s money!

So, here I go again…I am on another rant about so-called "experts".  I cannot believe how many people are out there claiming to be an SEO “expert”.  Out of curiosity I looked up the synonyms for the word “expert”.

Expert synonyms: master, virtuoso, authority, proficient, skillful.

So, let’s ask this, is someone who does not even know or practice the basics an expert?

Obviously not.

Let me say we are not “experts” on SEO, nor would we ever claim to be.  But, if you are going to hire a web design company, you do want one that at least practices the basics of this skill.  To truly be a masterful, skillful SEO expert, one has to be very knowledgeable in SEO and keep up with the ever-changing rules from the search engines.  What worked last year, in the last 6 months, or even last month may not work now.  And, what used to work may actually ding your website now. 

Expert level SEO is not cheap and it is not a one-time shot deal.  Someone claiming to do something “expert” level for only several hundred dollars is not going to provide “expert” level, quality service.  Expert level SEO is an investment and a company needs to have a budget for it.  In all our years in business here in Denver, we have only run across one true expert SEO company and we refer to them when someone says they want to invest in SEO.

Recently our company has been providing some basic SEO and web usability audits.  Interestingly, two of the audits we performed were websites done by such a company claiming to be an SEO “expert”.  These two websites were laced with usability issues and not even basic SEO had been performed.  This company networks in Denver and promotes their knowledge in SEO as “expert” level.  The sad part is, clients really don’t know what to ask, or look for, to know that these web companies are not even doing basic SEO on their websites.

Unfortunately there are many web design companies and small marketing firms out there claiming to be such “experts”. As for us, we are a full-service marketing firm and we do not have a dedicated staff member who strictly does SEO and studies it constantly, thus, we could and should never classify ourselves as “expert” in this subject matter.  And that goes for every web company whose websites we have performed our basic SEO audits.

If you would like a Basic SEO and Usability Audit performed on your company website, please contact us for details and pricing.  Your website is one of your most important marketing tools.

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#1 Sandy W on 5.14.2012 at 12:36 PM

Hi Beth,

Well said! To add to your comments, I found there are a lot of individuals who are in transition looking to jump on the social media/marketing band wagon claiming to be marketing experts overall and in fact they are not. To note I am all for people working hard, transitioning and believe in many ways these individuals have good intentions, but don't realize the "science" that is truly behind effective marketing. Bottom line be smart, ask questions and ask for referrals (minimum of 3) in locating a reputable marketing firm (like yours:)Small businesses have far too little money to spend on something that is not of value.



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