Is the Telemarketing Law Working?

There are strict laws that govern business to consumer telemarketing and although I do not agree that the government should have a law on this, I do agree to follow the law.  Realtors need to get educated on this and start following the law.  Big fines can be levied, although I think Realtors just decide to take a risk.

We recently had our rental home on the market.  Our Realtor was great ( and did everything he could to help us sell it.  The market is just such that we decided to hang on to it another year or two and get what it is really worth.  We tried for three months and now have decided to rent it again.  Now that we have taken the home off the market, all these other Realtors are stalking us – finding out who we are and telemarketing us, making claims they can do better than our Realtor.  How do they know that?  They haven’t a clue what our Realtor did for us. 

Not only are they using a terrible opening sales pitch, but they are breaking the law by telemarketing people who are on the do not call list.

And getting back to that do not call list, yes we are on it, even though I don’t agree with it.  It is a nice convenience to have and I enrolled when I was researching telemarketing laws in my last corporate job more than five years ago.  However, why does the government have this law, when they seem not to enforce it?  I have made legitimate complaints and never hear a word from whoever is in charge of enforcing the law.    So, now I don’t even bother filing a complaint.  So – what good is the law?

Tell us what you think and if you want to register as a telemarketer to receive the federal do not call list, check out this website:

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