Testimonials - A Powerful Marketing Tool

What will differentiate you from your many competitors? One powerful marketing tool is testimonials. There are walking testimonials and written testimonials.

You may have clients, current or past, who are walking testimonials for your company. Knowing who these people are can be very beneficial when someone asks you for a reference.

Written testimonials can be letters that were sent to you voluntarily without having asked for a testimonial, or they could be of the variety in which you ask a past or current customer to write.

Where do you use these written testimonials? First get permission if you are going to publish them. A good place to publish them are on your website, in your marketing materials and if you have a place of business where customers visit you, make a poster or bulletin board of testimonials.

Never write testimonials for your customers. They need to come from your customers in their own words. You can give your customers guidance in what makes a good testimonial.

Here are a couple of brief pointers on what makes a good testimonial:

  1. Testimonials should state the condition the customer was experiencing before using your product or service and how that has improved since they have used your product or service. Be specific. “We were able to cut our marketing expenses in half and improve our ROI by 15%.” 
  2. Testimonials should be specific to your target market. 
  3. Testimonials should be written with enthusiasm.

Testimonials build trust and confidence. Having several testimonials, each one addressing a different benefit customers receive from your company is also a great idea.

How do you get testimonials? Ask your past and current customers. You know who is happy with your company, they probably have never thought about putting it in writing.

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