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Text messaging is taking the marketing world by storm. It’s quick, it’s easy and it comes directly to your smartphone.   Today, in the U.S. there are 310 million people.  280 million (90%) have cell phones. These cell phones contain the most valuable 4 inches of real estate around.  Most people have their cell phone within 4 feet of their body at all times, many of those even during sleeping hours.  In our fast paced world with information available 24/7, people don’t want to miss anything, and now they don’t have to.

For an individual to receive text notifications of promotions and information from a particular business, they must first opt-in to receive those messages.  With 98% of text messages read and 84% of those read within one hour, marrying these statistics with the mandatory opt-in to receive text messages from a particular business, is a marketer’s dream!  People are saying “yes” I want to receive your messages and then they are reading those messages 98% of the time! It is not only a very efficient and productive communication tool, but it also is a more personal way to communicate with customers.

Text messages should be used as a tool to communicate with customers on an on-going basis.  They should not replace all other marketing and communication strategies, but rather work with them in tandem.  We are a world of very diverse people, and as such, we should be communicating in various forms so that customers may choose the method that best fits their style.

Text messages should only be sent out 1-2 times a week max.  The key to these messages is that they need to offer information that is timely, pertinent and valuable to the customer’s interests through mobile reminders, mobile VIP Clubs, mobile promotions, mobile “text to win” opportunities, mobile alerts, mobile video tours and the use of mobile metrics to measure the results. Web links and/or videos can also be embedded within the texts.

With well thought-out marketing campaigns, text messaging can keep customers informed, happy and returning again and again!  Keep the end result in mind and offer something of value and you will create a valuable active list of your best customers.

CreativeXchange Marketing woud like to thank Kathi Erber of Text Messaging Leaders for writing this guest blog.  For more information on text message marketing contact us or Kathi Erber iZigg 90210 - Mobile Text Message Marketing, 303-549-9199

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