They're open, but can't be found

A new restaurant in Litleton has opened somewhere off of Bowles between Kipling and Wadsworth.  They are open, but we cannot find them.  You see, they have all these signs up saying they are now open, but the signs are sitting in the middle of the parkway on Bowles.  There are no arrows, so we have no clue where they are.  Thus, one would have to drive up and down Bowles and look in every shopping center to find this restaurant.

If you are going to use outdoor signage to drive traffic to your location, be strategic. 

  1. Drive the route and envision where the signs would have the best visability. 
  2. Determine what kind of arrows you need on each sign en route to your place of business.
  3. Avoid any obstructions in vision.
  4. Order extra, in case some of your temporary roadside signs "walk away".  Check the route daily and replace as needed.
  5. Keep words to a minimum.  Name of Business Now Open and an arrow.

For more information on buying outdoor advertising or using roadside/temporary signage, contact us.

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