Tips to Marketing in a Recession - Part 7

If you are spending money marketing and advertising your business, you need to be tracking its effectiveness.  Ask inquiries and new customers, "How did you hear about us?"  Don't just ask, record it.  Figure out a system to record these answers.  Keeping the information in your head will not produce an accurate recollection when it comes time to decide whether or not to spend money on that particular marketing expense the next time it comes around.

Some ways you can track your customer response to "How did you hear about us?"

1. If you are using an accounting or bookkeeping system, such as QuickBooks, when you set up the new customer, you can record this information.  Make sure you can produce easily accessible reports on where you sales came from.  If you are unsure how to do this, ask your accountant or bookkeeper.

2. If you are using a CRM software, there should be a place to record this information.

3. Create a simple Excel spreadsheet that lists your customer's name, contact information, date they became a customer, how they heard about your business and any other valuable information you would find useful.

4. If doing any kind of advertising, tracking can be done by utlizing a coupon, special phone number or landing page for your website.  If using coupons in various advertising mediums, have separate coupon codes on each one.  This can be a small alpha-numeric code in the lower corner of the ad in very small type size.  For example: 061609DPBOGO would indicate the ad was placed June 16, 2009 in the Denver Post for a buy one, get one offer.

Tracking this information is very valuable, as it can assist in producing high return on investment marketing. 

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