Disparate Marketing - We need your story - Part 1

Disparate marketing, ineffective marketing, low to no ROI marketing - whatever term you choose to use, it is out there and it is being sold.  I am starting to educate people about this and today's brief story is about a wonderful business owner who really needed some qualified leads.  She spent $3,600 for a web design home page only "fix", pay per click and possibly some SEO.  She came out with all the terms above.

So what happened?

She was referred to one person who is by trade a graphic designer and learned how to do some web design.  She was referred to another person who does pay per click and some "basic" SEO.  It is obvious by the design and results of her website, that neither of these two "marketing" niche or boutique business owners talked to one another or even saw the big picture of her marketing strategy.

The design is poor, with navigation as images, not text.  There are usability issues to the home page design.  There is no "basic" SEO, such as indivdual browser titles, headers and sub-headers, meta keywords and meta descriptions.  Images are missing alt descriptions and links are missing titles.  Content is not related to the browser titles.  The list can go on.

So why would two companies take $3,600 of this small business owner's money?  Now she needs to start all over.

If you have a story to share, please feel free to contact us or post a comment. The point of sharing these stories is not to disparage a particular business, rather educate people on being aware of disparate and ineffective marketing.


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