What is big picture thinking?

The buzz term amongst freelancers and solo entrepreneurs of design shops is that they are "big picture thinkers".  How do you really know if what they are claiming is true?  Anyone can claim this, but can they demonstrate it?

Here are some interviewing questions to test their claim to "big picture thinking":

  1. Tell me what you think big picture thinking is.
  2. Give me an example of a time when you assisted a client with big picture thinking.
  3. Can you provide a reference to a client in which your demonstration of big picture thinking saved them money and/or increased their business?

You don't want someone who is just a designer - find one that has some marketing savvy, one with a well-rounded knowledge in marketing.  Any freelance designer can slap your idea on to paper and make it look pretty, but will it work and is it in your company's best interest?

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