When Social Media Doesn't Work

There are many social media companies popping up left and right - some very well schooled in it and others not.  The ones that are not well schooled in it know just enough to be dangerous.

I was talking to a referral partner on the phone today and he mentioned how a friend of his has spent tons of time and money into social media.  When my referral partner asked his friend, "So if your website is getting all this traffic from social media, are you converting a lot of business?"  His friend had a rude awakening - the answer was, "No."  Despite all the traffic going to his website, no new business had converted.

So, when doesn't social media work?

  1. If your website is not user-friendly, business will not convert. See our other blogs on web usability: 7 Deadly Sins of Landing Page Design and Great Web Usability Tips.
  2. If you think Social Media if the silver bullet or magic wand to making business burst and you spend all your marketing efforts in one tactic, it most likely will not work.
  3. If your target market isn't internet savvy, they'll never find you through social media.  There is still a large population of people who still don't know what social media and social networking is, nor do they have a Facebook, Twiiter, LinkedIn or other account.

Social media is just one tactic in a solid tactical marketing plan.  It is a successful tactic in many marketing plans, but be aware of when it may not work.

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#1 Urs E. Gattiker on 12.17.2009 at 8:44 AM

I love this post.

What confuses me though is that whenever I hit the tab bar, may cursor ends up up on the upper right corner .... "Complimentary Consultation."

That detracts me unnecessarily from writing this comment and praising you for the great post....

Thanks for this wonderful post and hopefully you can avoid my cursor ending up in the box "Complementary Consultation" next time, that would be very nice.


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