Why do business owners consciously choose low quality providers – denying the truth?

Most people we get as inquiries need the whole branding and marketing package, but sometimes they tell us they have someone who has been doing their website, and another someone who has been doing their graphic design and “branding”.  When I look at their website and branding it is often broken and ineffective.  Even when educating some of these inquiries and providing legitimate third party validators (like Google), they still decide to stick with who they have.

This is a true story.  I had a client who came to us a couple years ago, wanting a marketing plan to grow their business.  I was told they had their own branding company and yet another company who was doing their website and SEO. Having a website with good usability, gets inquiries and can be found is an important way to grow this business.  Their target market is looking for their service online. 

About a year after the plan was written, I invited the client to an SEO conference I was sponsoring.  High authorities from Google and Bing were presenting on local search engine optimization.  The client told me how their web company is doing their blogging and SEO and they really “like them”. The client indicated they knew that someday it would pay off and they would be on the first page of Google.  I looked at their website and did a free basic SEO audit.  I provided the client with the following information:

  • The were no optimized browser page titles
  • There were no optimized H1’s or H2’s
  • There were no optimized meta descriptions
  • There was no SEO copywriting done
  • The company was not on all the free business directory and search engine listings

To this day, the website is still not fixed.  For more than two years, this client has been paying this web company a monthly fee to do something that should have been done years ago.  How much business has that cost this company?  The site is still in the sad shape it was two years ago.  What is even more disturbing is that I cannot even find this company on a Google search within the first ten pages.  Out of state providers come up, but not this local company.  Additionally, the phrase people are searching for is in the domain and company name. 

So, even though proof is there, business owners still stick with a provider because they “like them”.

Another true story.  We had an inquiry who was frustrated their business was not growing.  They were on their fourth marketing consultant in Denver.  Per their request, I provided a complimentary consultation.  As part of their consultation, I provided a complete report on their website.  The website audit included usability issues, broken links, showing them how basic SEO had not even been done, etc.  I provided them with articles from Google to back up the education I was providing in the consultation.  They took the report and blew me off.  I suspect they took that report and simply provided it to their current marketing firm in Denver.  Maybe they were going to have the marketing firm in Denver who they had already paid to do this work, fix it at no charge.  That is fine, but how about some common decency to say “Thank you” and not blow me off.  And, why would anyone continue working with a provider who in essence lied to them about doing work and then found out it was not done?  I suspect this business owner doesn't believe me, and/or is afraid to switch again.

If you are sticking with a marketing consultant, because you "like them" or because you are scared to switch again, you are only setting your business up to fail.  It may be hard to start over or let go of someone who you really like personally, but it is in the best interest of your company's success.  

If you think you may be paying for a marketing service that has not been performed properly, please contact us for a complimentary consultation today.

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