Would you use this marketing approach?

Last Monday, my husband and I were looking for a mowing service for a vacant property we have for sale up in Arvada.  We called around to a couple of places.  We got two very different marketing approaches - which one would you use?

What we asked for:
An estimate to mow weekly.  We stated we needed the estimate ASAP and asked what would be the soonest it could be mowed, as it needed to be mowed "yesterday".

COMPANY #1 Approach:
Got out the same day to provide an estimate and told us they could mow Tuesday.

COMPANY #2 Approach:
Slow to return my call.  Connected much later in the day.  Said they could get out to do an estimate Tuesday.  Tuesday came and they left a message that they had prices to go over with me.  I called them back almost immediately and got their voice mail again.  I did not receive a call back from them until Wednesday.  They left me a message this time with prices.  We had already hired the other company and the yard had been mowed. 

They continued to make calls to me, never leaving messages until the call Thursday morning in which the owner left a message saying he could get us on the schedule for Friday and he was going out of town today, so call back ASAP.  I had the courtesy to call back and tell him we hired another company.  I got his voice mail again. 

So, I thought I was done with this company, but received a call yesterday in which the owner said he did not get my message in time to take us off the schedule and that the yard was mowed, edged and trimmed.  He continued on in his voice mail to say, he could not understand why we hired another company and how he has 300 clients I could call for references and how competitive his pricing is.  Well - thanks for the free mow, edge and trim, as I never authorized you to work on my property.  As for his pricing, he was competitive.  The mow was done well.  However, the customer service was terrible.  Additionally, how much money is he losing with this kind of marketing approach.  To put an unauthorized job on the schedule and then expect payment made us very angry.  We will never use his company and will never recommend his company.

Story lesson:  When someone has an immediate need, jump on it.  Have good customer service and follow up skills.  Don't do unauthorized work, as this is a huge risk.  And if you do unauthorized work, don't expect to be paid for it.

Tell us what you think of this marketing approach.

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