Marketing Consultant Can Be a Dirty Word!

Business development specialists are better than marketing consultants.

Don't get us wrong, there is a time and a place for a marketing consultant, but with so many inexperienced ones out there, how do you know who to chose? Many so-called marketing consultants focus on one area of marketing - we call them niche or boutique marketers. They are not holistic in their approach. They fail to look at how marketing, sales, and customer service all work together to increase profits.

A well-rounded business development specialist knows that there is no “magic bullet,” or no single tactic that will bring your business the success you need. Business growth is the result of marketing producing qualified leads, sales conversions, retention of customers through delivering exceptional customer service, and consequently referral business. A business development specialist will provide that big picture, holistic, and strategic thinking!

Our marketing approach:

Step 1: Our business development training provides a marketing check-up to look at your existing marketing plan and tactics. We train you to vet marketing service providers, and to be able to look at the return on investment of those different tactics, to be more strategical, and to be more efficient and effective with your time and money.

Step 2: We evaluate your company's sales conversion rate. In other words, if your business is getting leads, but is not growing, it could be an indication of leads not being converted to sales, and/or low retention of existing customers.

Step 3: If applicable, we recommend mystery shopping services to see how sales and customer service techniques are executed and to identify areas of improvement.

Step 4: We will provide additional recommendations and training to address any identified areas of improvement.

Step 5: We can also recommend top-quality, vetted marketing service providers for any of your marketing needs.

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