Marketing Training

As your business development specialist, our goal is to make sure your marketing budget is producing a high return on investment. Having the proper training in marketing, sales, and customer service is required to get that high return on investment.

The VOICE Business Development Training offers a variety of training programs:

  • Mastering Referral Marketing - Learn how to get unlimited referrals. This is the single most important strategy in any business. Referral marketing is often overlooked, but studies have proven it is the most powerful tool to build your business. If you say you’ve tried it before and it didn’t work, then you didn’t do it right. If you are using referral marketing, learn how to do it better to receive more referrals.
  • How to Vet Marketing Service Providers - We will train you and your staff how to vet any person or company offering marketing services from graphic and web design, to social media marketing and SEO. Many business owners who don't have the hands-on marketing training get wooed by the slick salesperson with the brightest, shiniest penny. Don't fall victim to the bright, shiny penny that promises results and doesn't deliver. Pick the wrong provider and waste all your money...pick the right provider and reap the benefits of getting it done right the first time!
  • How to Write an Effective Marketing Plan - We provide participants with a marketing plan template to customize for their business and assist in writing an actionable plan. Some advance homework is required to bring to our half-day workshop. Understand who your target market is, who your competition is, what your marketing budget should be, the 4 P's of marketing, how to reach your target market and referral partners, and what makes your product or service different/better than the competition to be able to craft compelling messaging that will attract your target market.
  • Customer Service Training - Learn how to deliver exceptional customer service to become more profitable, increase referrals and decrease marketing costs.
  • Sales Training - this is not your typical high-priced sales training program that goes on for months. In this three hour class, we cut to the chase and provide real techniques that you and your staff can implement immediately to improve sales.
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