Strategic Marketing Plan

A strategic marketing plan is a long-term plan with a high-level overview of the company.  It assists a company determine the proper messaging for their business.  It defines what you say, how you say it and who you say your message to.  It greatly assists in determining your marketing message and conveying your Unique Value Proposition.  Additionally, it will define your 4 P's of marketing, which include:

  • Product/service development
  • Pricing strategies
  • Promotion, customer acquisition and retention strategies
  • Placement or positioning of your company, products and/or services in the marketplace


  • Collaborative brainstorm meeting with client – Using our methodical approach to brainstorming, we are able to get everyone thinking outside the box.
  • Defining the 4 P's   We'll look at your 4 p's of marketing and make recommendations to strengthen  your objectives to grow your business revenue.
  • Target market review – Through a thorough analysis, we are able to pinpoint exactly who your ideal customer is so you can better target marketing efforts.
  • Thorough competitive analysis – With your top three competitors provided, we provide a comprehensive analysis from pricing to promotion to better understand how to compete.
  • SWOT analysis – With competitive information, we review the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of your company to better position marketing efforts.
  • Goal setting – Looking at your goals, we clearly define what you want to achieve for your business growth and put them in writing so you can have better success in achieving them.
  • One-on-one review meeting – Up to a one hour in-person plan review meeting with CreativeXchange Marketing consultants.

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