Mystery Shopper

An important marketing planning step is to know your competition and how they compare to your company.

A good competitive analysis will review what your products/services are, who your target market is and then who your direct competitors are. Once you know who your competitors are, you can then have them mystery shopped. 

CreativeXchange Marketing recommends not only mystery shopping your competition, but also mystery shopping your own front-line staff members who handle any sales and customer service functions.

We recommend ACE Mystery Shopping for this unique service of providing mystery shopper calls and in-person secret shoppers in Denver, Colorado. 

Secret mystery shopper services can provide information such as:

  • customer service and follow up provided
  • pricing and discounts of your competition
  • your competitor's different/better story or unique value proposition
  • their sales process
  • first impressions of a physical business location
  • quality of merchandise

ACE Mystery Shopping can also provide in-person secret shopper services in Denver metro for a variety of industries.  They can customize a mystery shopper program that meets your need to find out competitive information.

Mystery shops are also good to evaluate your own staff's phone etiquette, salesmanship and follow up.  If you are getting leads, but have a low close ratio, evaluating your staff's training needs and providing them with the proper training can greatly increase your close ratios and your bottom line.  For training on sales and customer service visit:

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